Hiroshima Airport Notices
Access Information during the golden week (from 27th April to 6th May.)

Updated: April 17, 2019

During the golden week (from 27th April to 6th May.), the traffic congestion on San-yo Expressway from each direction to Hiroshima Airport is expected. When you come to Hiroshima Airport, please check the traffic information.
If you take the Airport Limousine bus, there will be the possibility of delay or cancel. Please come to the airport well in advance in order not to miss your flight.

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Please also consider to take the “Airport Connection Bus” and “JR Sanyo Main Line” when you go to/from Hiroshima Airport from/to all areas of Hiroshima.
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Traffic congestion forecast on Sanyo Expressway between Hiroshima City and Hiroshima Airport
※Source: NEXCO West Website

Hiroshima City→Hiroshima Airport Hiroshima Airport→Hiroshima City
27th April (Sat) 8:00~14:00 27th April (Sat) 8:00~13:00
28th April (Sun) 8:00~14:00 28th April (Sun) 8:00~13:00
29th April (Mon) 9:00~13:00 29th April (Mon) 9:00~12:00
30th April (Tue) 9:00~13:00 2nd May (Thu) 8:00~13:00
  16:00~21:00 3rd May (Fri) 9:00~12:00
1st May (Wed) 16:00~21:00 4th May (Sat) 16:00~21:00
2nd May (Thu) 8:00~13:00 5th May (Sun) 16:00~21:00
3rd May (Fri) 9:00~13:00    
4th May (Sat) 9:00~13:00    
5th May (Sun) 10:00~13:00    

Traffic congestion forecast on Sanyo Expressway between Fukuyama City and Hiroshima Airport 
※Source: NEXCO West Website

Fukuyama City→Hiroshima Airport Hiroshima Airport→Fukuyama City
27th April (Sat) 8:00~14:00 No traffic congestion expected
28th April (Sun) 8:00~14:00
29th April (Mon) 9:00~12:00
30th April (Tue) 9:00~12:00
1st May (Wed) 9:00~12:00
2nd May (Thu) 8:00~14:00
3rd May (Fri) 9:00~12:00

* Due to the traffic accident or severe weather, the traffic condition will change. Please look into the traffic information.

히로시마시 거리~히로시마 공항간의 산요 고속도로 정체 예측
※Source: NEXCO West Website

히로시마 시내 ⇒ 히로시마공항 히로시마공항⇒ 히로시마시내
4월27(토) 8:00~14:00 4월27(토) 8:00~13:00
4월28(일) 8:00~14:00 4월28(일) 8:00~13:00
4월29(월) 9:00~13:00 4월29(월) 9:00~12:00
4월30(화) 9:00~13:00 5월2(목) 8:00~13:00
  16:00~21:00 5월3(금) 9:00~12:00
5월1(수) 16:00~21:00 5월4(토) 16:00~21:00
5월2(목) 8:00~13:00 5월5(일) 16:00~21:00
5월3(금) 9:00~13:00    
5월4(토) 9:00~13:00    
5월5(일) 10:00~13:00    

후쿠야마시 거리~히로시마 공항간의 산요 고속도로 정체 예측
※Source: NEXCO West Website

후쿠야마시거리 ⇒ 히로시마공항 히로시마공항⇒ 후쿠야마시거리
4월27(토) 8:00~14:00 정체 예측은 없습니다
4월28(일) 8:00~14:00
4월29(월) 9:00~12:00
4월30(화) 9:00~12:00
5월1(수) 9:00~12:00
5월2(목) 8:00~14:00
5월3(금) 9:00~12:00

* 사고나 날씨의 영향으로 정체 상황이 크게 바뀔 수 있기 때문에 주의해 주시기 바랍니다.

※Source: NEXCO West Website

广市→广 广→广
4月27日(星期六) 8:00~14:00 4月27日(星期六) 8:00~13:00
4月28日(星期日) 8:00~14:00 4月28日(星期日) 8:00~13:00
4月29日(星期一) 9:00~13:00 4月29日(星期一) 9:00~12:00
4月30日(星期二) 9:00~13:00 5月2日(星期四) 8:00~13:00
  16:00~21:00 5月3日(星期五) 9:00~12:00
5月1日(星期三) 16:00~21:00 5月4日(星期六) 16:00~21:00
5月2日(星期四) 8:00~13:00 5月5日(星期日) 16:00~21:00
5月3日(星期五) 9:00~13:00    
5月4日(星期六) 9:00~13:00    
5月5日(星期日) 10:00~13:00    

※Source: NEXCO West Website

福山市→广 广→福山市
4月27日(星期六) 8:00~14:00 没有预测拥堵
4月28日(星期日) 8:00~14:00
4月29日(星期一) 9:00~12:00
4月30日(星期二) 9:00~12:00
5月1日(星期三) 9:00~12:00
5月2日(星期四) 8:00~14:00
5月3日(星期五) 9:00~12:00