Hiroshima Airport Notices
Renewal of International Arrival Lobby has partially finished.

Updated: August 10, 2016

On August 10, we partially finished the renovation of International Arrival Lobby as follows.

①Information Counter
②Bicycle Hub

③Cyclists Dressing Room
④Corrugated Cardboard Place

①Information Counter
You can get information on the terminal building, sightseeing areas, transportation and lost items. Also, you can purchase Visit Hiroshima Tourist Pass (a round-trip pass to travel around Hiroshima area for 3 days) here.

②Bicycle Hub For Cyclists
Please use this space for your preparation, assembling your bikes and putting air into tires.

③Cyclist Dressing Room
There are 4 private dressing rooms.

④Corrugated Cardboard Place
Please use this space to throw away cardboards used for shipping your bikes, or as a temporary storage for such cardboards until your return.
*Please note that we assume no responsibility for lost or damage of cardboards.

The expansion work of the lobby will end in early September. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.