Hiroshima Airport Notices
【Access Information】Miyoshi – Hiroshima Airport Bus operates as regular service from 1st April 2017!

Updated: June 14, 2018

Please take this bus when you visit Miyoshi or Sera for sightseeing and business, or when you go to Hiroshima Airport from Miyoshi or Sera!


◎Hiroshima Airport ⇔Miyoshi :82min!

◎3 services a day (everyday) along with flight schedule!

◎If you take roundtrip, you can get some discount for parking fee of Miyoshi Station West Parking Lot!

◎If you use a coupon ticket (1 book=10 tickets), you can get some discount!
※No coupon ticket for the route between Yama-no-eki Sera and Hiroshima Airport.

【Miyoshi Industrial Complex ~ Miyoshi Sta. ⇔ Hiroshima Airport】
(One-way) Adult: 1,300yen Child: 650 yen
(Roundtrip) Adult: 2,200yen Child: 1,100 yen
(Coupon ticket) one-way: 1,000yen (1book=10tickets, 10,000yen)

【Kisa Junior High School ⇔ Hiroshima Airport】
(One-way) Adult: 800yen Child: 400yen
(Roundtrip) Adult: 1,350yen Child: 680yen
(Coupon ticket) one-way: 615yen (1book=10 tickets, 6,150yen)

【Yama-no-eki Sera (Taiho Farm) ⇔ Hiroshima Airport】
(One-way)Adult: 500 yen Child: 250 yen


【For Hiroshima Airport】
Bus stop 1st 2nd 3rd
Miyoshi Industrial Complex 06:30 12:00 17:00
Miyoshi Central Hospital 06:37 12:07 17:07
Miyoshi Royal Hotel 06:41 12:11 17:11
Miyoshi Sta. (Platform No.3) 06:46 12:16 17:16
Kisa Junior High School 07:13 12:43 17:43
Yama-no-eki Sera (Taiho Farm) 07:33 13:03 18:03
Hiroshima Airport 08:08 13:38 18:38

【For Miyoshi】
Bus stop 1st 2nd 3rd
Hiroshima Airport (Platform No.3) 09:00 14:30 20:25
Yama-no-eki Sera (Taiho Farm) 09:35 15:05 21:00
Kisa Junior High School 09:55 15:25 21:20
Miyoshi Sta. 10:22 15:52 21:47
Miyoshi Royal Hotel 10:27 15:57 21:52
Miyoshi Central Hospital 10:31 16:01 21:56
Miyoshi Industrial Complex 10:38 16:08 22:03

*Please note that the timetable may change due to the change of flight schedule.

■Inquiry about operation
Bihoku Corporation (9:00~18:00, on weekdays)
Tel: +81-824-72-2122

Regional Promotion Division, Regional Promotion Department, Miyoshi City Office (8:30~17:15, on weekdays)
Tel: +81-824-62-6395