Hiroshima Airport Notices
The Airport Limousine bus has operated the “Heiwa Odori Line".

Updated: November. 1, 2017

“The Heiwa Odori Line” is adding to the Hiroshima Airport Limousine bus route.

It is very convenient to access the hotel along the Peace Boulevard (Heiwa Odori) located in the center of Hiroshima City. Also, it is very convenient to go to the A-Bomb Dome and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. Please take it when you stay the hotel in Hiroshima city.

Atomic Bomb Dome limousinebus flowerfestival

※Please click here for more information.

○ Timetable

■Heiwa Odori -> Hiroshima Airport
 Please click here about the timetable from 2017.10.29~2018.01.31

■Hiroshima Airport -> Heiwa Odori
 Please click here about the timetable from 2017.10.29~2018.01.31

○ Fares   
1,540 Yen/ one way * Transit system IC card "PASPY" and "ICOCA" may be used for payment.
※ When you get on/ off Hiroshima Bus Center or Nakasuji St., the fares is 1,340 Yen/ One way.

○ Bus Stop

○ Note
  When you stay the hotel along the Heiwa Odori, Please refer the below table.
Hotel Bus Stop
ANA Crowne Plaze Hiroshima Shirakamisha Mae
Hotel Hokke Club Shirakamisha Mae
Comfort Inn Hiroshima Heiwa-Odori Shirakamisha Mae
Dormy Inn Hiroshima Shirakamisha Mae
Daiwa Roynet Hotels Hiroshima Shirakamisha Mae
Hotel Sunroute Hiroshima Shirakamisha Mae
Mitsui Garden Hotel Hiroshima Komachi
Hiroshima Washington Hotel Komachi
Oriental Hotel Hiroshima Tanakamachi
Toyoko Inn Hiroshima Heiwa Odori Tanakamachi

○ Contact
  Hiroshima Electric Railway Tel: +81 (0)82-231-5171