Hiroshima Airport Notices
Airport Bus “Kure-Hiroshima Airport Line” is in operation.

Updated: November 6, 2018

With airport bus “Kure-Hiroshima Airport Line”, it makes very convenient to visit Kure City from Hiroshima Airport.
Please take this service when you visit Kure City!

* 12 round-trips / day, 58 minutes (the shortest time) between Hiroshima Airport and Kure City.
* You can get off at “Shin-Hiro Station” too for the buses from Hiroshima Airport.

○ Timetable
■Kure Sta. -> Hiroshima Airport
 Please click here about the timetable from 2018.10.28~2019.01.31

■Hiroshima Airport->Kure Sta.
 Please click here about the timetable from 2018.10.28~2019.01.31

* If you would like to get off at “Shin-Hiro Station”, please tell the bus driver when you get on the bus at Hiroshima Airport.
* When you get off the “Shin-Hiro Station”, you can get a free ticket which is available in Kure operating area of Hiroshima Electric Railway.

○ Fares
 Adult: 1,340 Yen/ One Way, 2,300 Yen/ Round-Trip
 Child: 670 Yen/ One Way, 1,150 Yen/ Round-Trip

 * Transit system IC cards(such as “Suica” ,“PASMO” ,“ICOCA” ,“PASPY” etc) can be used for the payment.
  (Until 16th March 2018, only “ICOCA” and “PASPY”are accepted.)
 * The round-trip ticket is available for 7 days.

○ Bus Stop
Kure City → Hiroshima Airport Hiroshima Airport → Kure City
Clayton Bay Hotel(Dep.) Shin-Hiro Station (Arr.)
Kure Sta.(Dep.) Aga Sta.(Arr.)
Hondoori 3 chome(Dep.) Hondoori 3 chome(Arr.)
Aga Sta.(Dep.) Kure Sta.(Arr.)
Clayton Bay Hotel(Arr.)

 *Hiroshima Airport: No1 Bus Stop

○ Contact
 Hiroshima Electric Railway
  Hiroden Train Bus Telephone Center (weekdays 9:00-17:45) +81 570-550700
  Kure Chuo Sales Dep. (Outside telephone center hours) +81 823 36 2460