Hiroshima Airport Notices
The World's Foreign Exchange Specialist "Travelex Hiroshima Airport Int'l Departure Gate" will open on 5th July, 2012!(Updated on 28.06.2012)

Updated: June 28, 2012

The World's Foreign Exchange Specialist, "Travelex", will open the 2nd store at International Waiting Room of Hiroshima Airport called "Travelex Hiroshima Airport Int'l Departure Gate".

You can exchange your currency just before you take the flight.

[Store Information]

(1) Store name        Travelex Hiroshima Airport Int'l Departure Gate 
(2) Location           Hiroshima Airport Terminal 2nd Floor International Waiting Room
(3) Hours of Operation Mon-Thu/ Sat 8:00-15:00
                       Fri/Sun          8:00-15:00,19:30-21:00
(4) Currency                 33 Foreing Currency such as US Dollar,Canada Dollar, Euro, Australia Dollar, Pound, Switzerland Franc, China Yuan, Korea Won, Taiwan Dollar, HongKong Dollar, Thailand Baht, Singapore Dollar, Vietnam Dong.                  
(5) Contact                +81 (0) 848-60-8277

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