Hiroshima Airport Notices
New Aviation Security Rules of Cabin Baggage applied to International Passenger Flights departing from Airports in Japan

Updated: February 14, 2007

Japan Civil Aviation Bureau announced to introduce the enhanced aviation 
security rules applied to all international passenger flights departing from 
Japanese airports, according to the security control guidelines recommended by 
ICAO. Transfer and transit passengers are also subject to the rules. The rules will 
be applied only to cabin baggage. It will come into effect from 1 March 2007.

■ All liquid should be required to be carried in containers with a capacitynot greater than 100ml. Liquids carried in containers larger than 100mlare not to be accepted, even if the container is only part-filled. 
■ Containers should be placed in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag 
of a maximum capacity not exceeding 1L.
. The containers must fit 
comfortably within the transparent plastic bag, which should be completelclosed. 

■ The plastic bag should be presented for examination at the screeningpoint. Only one transparent plastic bag per passenger should be 
■ Medications, baby milk/foods and special dietary requirements are 
exempted. If there appears to be any suspicious items, all carry-onproperty must be subjected to selective screening. 
■ To facilitate screening and avoid a cluttered x-ray image, the above 
plastic bags should be presented apart from other cabin baggage,
coats and jackets or large electronic instruments (for examplelaptops) for separate x-ray screening. 
■ Liquids purchased into sterile area at each airport in Japan are exempted.
But, in a transit at other states, these liquids may be confiscated accordingto the regulation of those states. 

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