Hiroshima Airport Notices
【Shop Information】Nishikido starts to sell the airport original bag, "Soramy Bag".

Updated: January 31, 2014

Nishikido starts to sell Hiroshima Airport original bag, "Soramy bag".
You can buy the bag only at Hiroshima Airport.
Soramy is Hiroshima Airport's character who promotes Hiroshima Airport.

Nishikido is the comapny producing the recipe for making the various kinds of traditional style Japanese confections.
Momiji-Manju, a maple-leaf shaped been paste or jam filled puff which is relished as a national favorite of Japanese people is one of the most popular products among the various kinds of confections made by Nishikido.

You can also purchase the various kinds of confections at Nishikido shop and put them into the "Soramy bag".

Please consider to buy your original souvenior.

About Nishikido: http://nisikido.co.jp/english