Hiroshima Airport Notices
The World Heritage Site,"Itsukushima Shrine", made from the confectionary artworks is displayed in the Airport.

Updated: August 1, 2013

One of the most famous sightseeing place in Hiroshima is the World Heritage Site, "Itsukushima Shrine".

"Itsukushima Shrine" made from the techniques of confectionary artworks which is the Symbol Exhibition in the "Hiroshima Confectionary Expo 2013" is displayed in Hiroshima Airport.

Please do not miss to see the great artworks when you visit Hiroshima Airport.

1) Schedule 30th July, 2013 - 30th June, 2015

2) Place Hiroshima Airport Terminal Building 2nd Floor (Departure Lobby)
            In front of Porcelain Panel Painting by Hirayama

3) Display Information A part of Ituskushima Shrine and so on.



Please see the below about the confectionary artworks in " Hiroshima Confectionary Expo 2013.