Domestic Flight Schedule

Narita 2018.2.1~2018.3.24


Flight number Day Departure time Arrival time Aircraft
IBX014/ANA3114 Daily 14:20 15:55 CR7
IJ624 Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun 19:35 20:55 B738
Mon 20:05 21:25


Flight number Day Departure time Arrival time Aircraft
IJ623 Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun 17:15 18:55 B738
Mon 17:45 19:25
IBX011/ANA3111 Daily 17:30 19:10 CR7
IBX:IBEX IJ:Spring Japan

* IBX011/ANA3111 and IBX014/ANA3114 are code-sharing flights operated by IBEX Airlines planes and crew.
* When you have a connection to the international flights at Narita Airport, through check-in at Hiroshima Airport allows you to proceed with boarding and carry baggage all the way to your final destination. Please check with the airlines whether this service is applicable to your itineraries.
* Passengers need to go through the embarkation procedure at Narita Airport.

* The flight schedules and planes may change according to various factors. Please confirm with your airline in advance.
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[PHS or international phone calls] +81(0)6-7637-8800
(International)[TEL] +81(0)570-029-333
[PHS or international phone calls] +81(0)6-7637-6675
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