Domestic Flight Schedule

Narita 2017.10.29~2018.1.31


Flight number Day Departure time Arrival time Aircraft
IJ622 Daily 11:20 12:40 B738
IBX014/ANA3114 Daily 14:20 15:55 CR7
IJ624 Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun 19:35 20:55 B738
Mon 20:05 21:25


Flight number Day Departure time Arrival time Aircraft
IJ621 Daily 09:00 10:40 B738
IJ623 Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun 17:15 18:55 B738
Mon 17:45 19:25
IBX011/ANA3111 Daily 17:30 19:10 CR7
※The schedule of IJ621, IJ622, IJ623 and IJ624 are vaild until January 15, 2018.

IBX:IBEX IJ:Spring Japan

* IBX011/ANA3111 and IBX014/ANA3114 are code-sharing flights operated by IBEX Airlines planes and crew.
* Some of the connecting flights provide a "through check-in service" which enables passengers to check-in themselves and their baggage at Hiroshima airport in transit to their final destination at cities in the US or Europe without the recheck-in.
* Passengers need to go through the embarkation procedure at Narita airport.
* The flight schedules and planes may change according to various factors. Please confirm with your airline in advance.
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