Planned Expected Airline Flight To Status
07:40 ANA ANA672 TOKYO Departed
07:40 Japan Airlines JAL252 TOKYO Departed
08:00 ANA ANA1271 SAPPORO Departed
09:10 ANA ANA674 TOKYO Departed
09:10 Japan Airlines JAL254 TOKYO Departed
10:15 ANA ANA3136 SENDAI Departed
10:15 IBEX Airlines IBX36 SENDAI Departed
10:35 ANA ANA676 TOKYO Departed
10:55 Japan Airlines JAL3403 SAPPORO Departed
11:35 ANA ANA1861 OKINAWA Departed
11:50 SPRING JAPAN IJ622 NARITA Departed
11:55 Japan Airlines JAL256 TOKYO Departed
13:05 ANA ANA678 TOKYO Departed
13:20 Japan Airlines JAL258 TOKYO Departed
14:20 ANA ANA3132 NARITA Boarding Soon
14:20 IBEX Airlines IBX32 NARITA Boarding Soon
15:30 ANA ANA680 TOKYO Check In
15:30 Japan Airlines JAL260 TOKYO Check In
16:55 Japan Airlines JAL262 TOKYO Check In
17:00 ANA ANA682 TOKYO Check In
17:55 Japan Airlines JAL264 TOKYO Check In
18:30 ANA ANA684 TOKYO Check In
19:30 ANA ANA686 TOKYO Check In
19:40 ANA ANA3140 SENDAI Check In
19:40 IBEX Airlines IBX40 SENDAI Check In
19:40 Japan Airlines JAL266 TOKYO Check In
20:35 ANA ANA688 TOKYO Check In
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